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A properly tuned instrument has a significant impact on the artistic result of the performance or final version of any recording. Historical instruments, due to their wooden structure, require frequent tuning, especially after being moved. Changes of humidity and temperature also affect the instrument's stability.

I offer tuning services to your requirements for the following instruments:

  • harpsichord

  • virginal

  • spinet

  • chamber organ

  • clavichord

I can provide individual tuning at home or for concerts and recordings, as well as preparing instruments for the whole duration of a festival or another artistic event. 

Recording sessions are the field where you can rely not only on my harpsichord tuning skills but also on my knowledge as both an experienced player and instrument technician. I can help in setting up the instrument to get the best out of it, while maximising the comfort for your playing.


I can simply prepare the instrument or actively take part in the session listening for any changes in harpsichord's tuning as well as changing temperaments between pieces. You will also have peace of mind in case there's a sudden need of adjustment or in solving a problem.


​I can also advise on temperament selection suitable for a particular repertoire.

The following is a list of CD recordings for which I have contributed as a tuner and technician

(more to be released)

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