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Adjustments, renovations and repairs

Comfort of playing and freedom of artistic expression are closely linked with, and dependent on proper maintenance of the instrument. It should be regulated well, according to one’s taste while allowing as much variety in the sound as possible.


I offer services in regulating mechanisms or full restorations of harpsichords, spinets and virginals.

When contacting me, please prepare following information:

  • your location

  • type of the instrument - harpsichord (single/double), spinet, virginal 

  • the builder of the instrument (if known) or the brand

  • range and disposition - for example GG-d3, 8'8' buff stop

  • occurring problems

  • preferably some photos of the instrument (or even a video), including jacks

I do not work on instruments by Sperrhake, Wittmayer, Lindholm, Ammer.

Setting up an instrument is a series of tasks, which can be divided into sections listed below:


Apart from the actual construction of the instrument, voicing (cutting the plectra) is one of the most essential aspects determining the harpsichord’s sound.


I can:​


  • replace individual quills

  • even the voicing and make simple corrections

  • requill and fully revoice the instrument

  • adjust the staggering (plucking point for each register)

  • fix problems with jacks that do not repeat or return properly


Apart from voicing, a significant part of the experience under the player’s fingers comes from the keyboard movement and its regulation.


I can deal with issues such us: 


  • freeing stuck keys

  • spacing, straightening and levelling keys

  • adjusting key depth

  • adjusting jackrail / front rail cloth

  • replacing keyend cloth

  • regulating the coupler

  • balancing keys


The damping system can vary, depending on how much resonance one wants to get out of the instrument, and whether or not the instrument includes a transposing mechanism.


According to your requirements I offer:


  • replacing individual dampers

  • adjusting position of dampers

  • replacing all dampers


Strings age and their properties change over time. A broken string is easily resolved, but if your strings are severely rusted or giving many false sounds, you might want to consider a complete restringing.


I can offer:


  • replacing individual strings

  • complete restringing

  • fixing problems with sound distortions / noises


I can also help with some repairs such as fixing:


  • broken parts

  • unglued parts

  • soundboard cracks

  • adjusting or replacing the buffstop

  • and in many cases can help in sourcing  parts such as missing jacks / tongues


Keeping the instrument clean, particularly keyboards, improves its appearance and is more hygienic.


I can take care of:


  • cleaning the soundboard and interior of the keywell

  • cleaning keyboards

  • oiling wooden keys when necessary

(You can, and are strongly encouraged to repeat cleaning processes yourself.)

After any work done on your instrument, you can always count on my advice as to how to best maintain it yourself.

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