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Assessment of an instrument

Buying an instrument is an important decision and should be made based on the fullest possible knowledge of the instrument's condition – especially those in the second hand market.

I offer help in advising what to pay attention to when viewing a harpsichord, virginal or spinet. By arrangement I can either accompany you or do an evaluation myself.


It is also possible to arrange an online meeting or chat based on pictures and videos. However, it will not be as accurate a judgment as during a personal visit.

An argument can be made that buying an instrument is like buying a car: one would not purchase it without a test drive or looking under the bonnet; and certainly not based on pictures only.

If I make the assessment myself, you can expect the full description of the instrument including:


  • the type of the instrument

  • its actual state

  • problems requiring regulation or repairs

  • any missing parts

  • on request - basic or comprehensive photographic summary

This can be done via phone call, chat or as a document sent via email.

I can also help with an opinion and advice if you already own a harpsichord, spinet or virginal, and are wondering about possible improvements, or want to sell it, but you are unsure about the condition of your instrument and what kind of work has to be done.

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